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Melbourne Canoe Club Inc. (MCC) is one of Australia’s largest and most successful Canoe Clubs – winning Australian Club Champions for the last four years.

Melbourne Canoe Club provides paddling sessions for paddlers from the complete beginner (Quickstart program) to MCC Coaching Squads where you can continue having fun while learning all the skills to paddle on moving water, rolling, river trips and through slalom gates, and additionally for those interested in some hard training, competitive paddling and becoming a slalom athlete, there is the Racing and Training Squad (RATS).

MCC has a strong focus on Slalom Kayaking, an Olympic sport where paddlers negotiate a series of poles hung across a river. The “gates” formed by these poles are a mixture of downstream gates (green) and upstream gates (red). In competition, Pad-dlers have two timed runs, with penalties added for touching or missing gates.

Many MCC members are in the Australian National Talent Squad, Junior, U23 and Senior Teams. They have represented Australia at the Olympics, World Cups and various events in New Zealand, Asia, Europe and the United States. It is these same paddlers who coach MCC members.


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Melbourne Canoe Club and The Mind Room are proud to announce a partnership to provide MCC athletes, coaches and staff with an evidence-based framework, practical tools, and inspiring ideas to enhance wellbeing and enable peak performance on and off the river.