I have an enquiry about membership, who do I contact?

You can email all enquiries to: melbournecanoeclubenquiries@gmail.com 


Who do I contact if I can’t make it to my coaching session?

Contact your coach via WhatsApp Group

Can I try out kayaking before I sign up as a member?

MCC offers Come and Try Programs in January and September. These are 1.5 hr sessions, that can be a single class,  or 3 day holiday program. If you enjoy the class, participants are encouraged to join our Quick Start term program. 


What kinds of paddling does Melbourne Canoe Club offer? 

We offer beginners paddling skills classes through to elite training, with a strong focus on Slalom Kayaking.


What’s the difference between Paddle Power, Quick Start and a Melbourne Canoe Club Membership?

Paddle Power and Quick start are entry level programs to teach skills and water safety. 

MCC membership is part of paddle Australia, and includes club fees and  insurance.  It is necessary to be a club member when you decide you would like to keep participating in kayak programs.  


How do I become a Melbourne Canoe Club member? 

Click here to enrol as a member: https://melbourne.paddle.org.au/about-us/membership/


I want to refer a friend to MCC, what do I do? 

Email us at: melbournecanoeclubenquiries@gmail.com and we’ll recommend the appropriate program for their level.

What are the dates for races this year? 

You can see upcoming races on our calendar page: https://melbourne.paddle.org.au/key-dates 

And on the Paddle Australia calendar page: http://paddle.org.au/calendar/all-events/ 


What is a Yarra Series race?

A Yarra Series race is a local race held five times a year on the Yarra River.

It starts with beginner races to encourage new club  paddlers to join in. Paddling advice and water safety are provided. Your coach will provide more information before each race.

Racing progresses from slowest to fastest, where you and your family can enjoy watching all ages and skill levels through to Australian Slalom team members and Olympians.


Where do I find race results?

Paddle Australia publishes available race results on their website: http://paddle.org.au/ 

When Yarra Series and Country Series race results are available, they will be linked here.


Are all events organised by Melbourne Canoe Club?

All local slalom events have a direct link to Melbourne Canoe Club. Paddle Australia oversee all Slalom events. Dates and events can be found on the PA website: http://paddle.org.au/calendar/all-events/.


Where are local races held?

Local races are held at Westerfolds Park, Templestowe, Griffith Park, Eltham, Warandyte River Reserve, Warrandyte, and Dights Falls, Abbotsford.

State races are held on the Goulburn River at Eildon VIC.


Where are country series races and camps held?

Big River, Eildon VIC – River Run and Slalom Race, held annually in July
King River, Cheshunt VIC  – River Run and Slalom race, held annually in August
Goulburn River, Eildon VIC – Training camp and Slalom race, held annually in November


Where do I get information about international events?

The Paddle Australia website: http://paddle.org.au/  

What age can I start paddling?

Our holiday and beginners programs start from 7 years old.


Do I need to be able to swim to kayak?

Yes it’s very important for your safety!
For beginners, we require that you feel comfortable in outdoor natural water. We ask that you feel confident to swim with a life jacket on. Our beginners programs are fun and include activities that will get you wet in the river, playing ball games and jumping in and out of boats. Life jackets & safety gear are supplied as part of our programs.
For club training it is required that you can swim 25 metres.


What clothes do I wear to go kayaking?

It depends on the weather! 

In summer: board short style pants and a rash vest to be sunsmart, plus plenty of sunscreen.

In winter: thermal long sleeve rash vests are great. They are not as thick as wetsuit material which is too bulky to paddle in. Wool thermals are great as they are light and help keep the body warm when wet.  

Do NOT wear cotton or windcheater type clothing as it is cold and heavy when wet. It will weigh you down and can be dangerous. 

Footwear, thongs or inexpensive water shoes are always necessary for safety purposes. 


What equipment do I need? Can I borrow it from Melbourne Canoe Club?

Beginners only need the correct clothing for their own comfort (see above). Melbourne Canoe Club will provide everything else, including a life jacket, helmet, deck (a wetsuit-type skirt to keep water out of your boat), boat and paddle. 


Where do I purchase items such as a deck, lifejacket and helmet? 

Slalom gear is quite specific. Check with your coach or Melbourne Canoe Club representative when you are ready to purchase and we can help you with the correct information.

There are second hand items available. Many slalom paddlers sell kayaking gear and boats as they upgrade or outgrow. This is a great way to get your first set of gear when you are just starting out in the sport. You can check the MCC Community Facebook page for any available gear for sale: ​​


What happens if I don’t have a boat? 

Melbourne Canoe Club provides access to our club boats when you are in a beginner program or a  member participating in club training programs. 


What do I do if I want to buy or sell a boat?

You can check the MCC Community Facebook Page for any available boats for sale.

You can also join the “Slalom boats for sale Australia” Facebook Group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1866975390246318 

We recommend you talk to your coach to discuss what kind of boat would suit you best before you make any purchases. 


Do I have to race or can I just paddle for fun?

Racing is not necessary, but we encourage people to join in the local Yarra Series races as they are a fun community event. 


Do I need to be part of Melbourne Canoe Club (or another kayaking club) to participate in races?

If you would like to participate in races it is preferred you become a club member. This will allow access to club boats and gear and assistance at the event.


How does scoring work in a slalom race?

The judges time how long it takes you to get down the course. Then you have extra time added for any “penalties” you incur. Penalties include hitting the poles of the gate (2 seconds added), if you miss a gate or go through it the wrong way (50 seconds). 

You go down the course twice, and your best time out of the two (including penalties) is your final time/score.


What is the difference between K1, C1 and C2?

K1 is one person sitting in a boat with a dual blade paddle.

C1 is one person kneeling in a boat with a single blade paddle.

C2 is two people in the same purpose built boat with a single blade paddle each. 


What happens if I tip over in my boat?

Every paddler must wear a lifejacket and helmet.

As a beginner you will be taught safety in the water and instructed safe procedures if you fall out of your boat. For new beginners this can actually be a fun experience as we play games where you swap boats out on the flat water.

Part of intermediate Slalom Paddling skills is learning to roll yourself and boat back to the correct position. 

At every coaching session and event there will be qualified coaches and safety on the water to assist paddlers.


What kind of safety procedures are in place on the water?

Every coach is fully qualified in coaching and First Aid. MCC never exceeds the coaching to paddler ratio. At all events there is extra safety on the water.

Is your question still unanswered? Get in touch with us at melbournecanoeclubenquiries@gmail.com and we’ll be happy to help you out!