Slalom Sites in Australia

Slalom site list

From this site pdf files describing all the key competitive slalom sites in Victoria (and elsewhere in Australia) will be accessible. Recognising that, for the parents of new paddlers in particular, knowing where the various sites we talk about are and the ‘creature comforts’ associated with each, is important we hope this helps.

If you have any suggestions to improve the information here (or add to it) please contact us.

Victorian Sites

Rest of Australia

NSW Sites

Penrith (home of the purpose built slalom course for the 2000 Olympics)
link to Penrithwhite water below


Tasmanian Sites

link to a section of a map of Tasmania showing the relative positions of all three sites

Forth (Tasmania) 
– common site for Tasmanian Schools and the Australian Schools when this is held in Tasmania

Mersey (Tasmania)
– site for Australian Nationals in the past

Brady’s Lake (Tasmania)
– site for Senior Selection team races